Monklands Hospital


Monklands Hospital – Senior Training Radiology Modules

Why come to Monklands?

Experience a friendly atmosphere both within the department and the hospital as a whole, where there is genuine interaction with clinicians who will appreciate your input.  Monklands is a busy D.G.H., now with 8 full-time consultants and 1 less than full time. There is ample opportunity for trainees to see a wide range of pathologies and for teaching on a one-to-one basis.  All junior trainee sessions will be supported by a consultant, whilst being given the opportunity to work independently within their capabilities.

More senior trainees will have their own sessions but with consultants available for support when required.  We want to provide trainees with a taste of D.G.H. life (there is life outside a teaching hospital!) and to allow the development of autonomous working within a supportive environment.

Monklands has many regional services, with Infectious Diseases, E.N.T., Maxillo-facial surgery, Renal and Urology all centralised on site.  There are ample opportunities for non-vascular intervention, with nephrostomies, anterograde ureteric stenting, P.I.C.C lines, oesophageal, gastric and colonic stenting and percutaneous gastrostomies performed on site, in addition to a wide range of image guided biopsies, F.N.A.s and drainages.   For those with a more diagnostic inclination we have a 64 slice CT scanner & 1.5T MRI both installed in 2011/early 2012, 5 US machines and a Fibroscanner.  Consultants have their own sub-speciality interests and a trainee’s requirements can be incorporated in to these.

There are many clinico-radiological meetings throughout the week: Respiratory, Breast, Haematology, Urology, Head and Neck Cancer, Stroke, Gastro-intestinal, Chest oncology, Infectious diseases, and Colorectal cancer.

There is a weekly one hour meeting in protected time for all Consultants and Trainees to discuss interesting cases. Approximately every fourth week this is an Education/Discrepancies meeting.

The details of the specialist modules outlined below is a broad overview of what we offer, but a training module can be tailored to meet the individual trainees needs.



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