Application Process

The application process is centralised on ORIEL for Clinical Radiology in Scotland, Wales and England. There is a separate application for Northern Ireland.

Applications usually open in November, with a submission deadline at the beginning of December.

This deadline includes uploading a self-marking station for your portfolio. You must have completed all of the things you have given yourself points for prior to the submission deadline. 

Applicants are then long-listed, and MSRA invitations are send out in ~December.

The MSRA is sat in ~January/February. The scores from the MSRA are used to determine who will receive an invitation to interview (top ~600). Most recent interviews have been conducted online via Teams at the end of February/start of March, however this may revert back at some point to face-to-face interviews.

Following interview, everyone who interviewed is invited to rank their preferences for training schemes in late March.

Offers are allocated based on overall rank of candidates in April – consisting of portfolio score, MSRA score and interview score. Please note that those who do not perform highly in interview are removed from the pool of applicants within initial rounds of offers.