Breast Screening – Nelson Mandela

Subspecialist Training in Mammography

Breast Imaging is a distinct radiological subspecialty and is recognised as such by the Royal College of Radiologists.  It requires skills in plain film interpretation, ultrasound, image guided biopsies and MRI.  Considerable clinical expertise is also required in the assessment of women attending with a mammographic abnormality.  The ability to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team is vital.

Clinical Workload

Breast Screening

 The West of Scotland Breast Screening Centre is in Stock Exchange Court, Nelson Mandela Place, Glasgow.  This centre invites on average 60,000 women per annum covering populations in Greater Glasgow, Argyll & Clyde, Lanarkshire and West Forth Valley Health Board areas.  This results in a large workload of plan film reporting, all of which is double read with arbitration.  On average, 5% of these women will be recalled for assessment with 5 assessment clinics per week.  Ultrasound guided FNA and core biopsies are performed during these clinics, in addition to upright and prone stereotactic biopsies, and large volume biopsies.

Symptomatic Mammography

The Consultant Radiologists have close clinical links with the Departments of Breast Surgery across the city.  Consultant Radiologists are part of the multi-disciplinary team providing the one-stop breast clinics at these sites and also carry out many of the breast localisations.



For Higher Specialist training, the trainee can spend one session per week at a symptomatic clinic learning to interpret symptomatic mammograms as well as performing breast ultrasound and ultrasound guided biopsies.  Training can also be provided in clinical examinations.  Sessions for breast localisations and symptomatic stereotactic biopsies can be arranged at the Western Infirmary.  The trainee will be expected to be competent in performing breast localisation and stereotactic biopsies by the end of their training period.  Sessions will be spent at screening assessment clinics where the trainee will perform supervised mammogram reporting, clinical examination, ultrasound imaging and fine needle aspiration and core biopsies, using ultrasound and stereotactic guidance.  There will also be the opportunity to attend the large volume biopsy sessions.  Breast MRI is performed at the Western Infirmary and the NACH and the trainee will be able to attend these sessions.  The remainder of the sessions will be spent in mammography reporting under supervision and the trainee is expected to attend and participate in the regular multi-disciplinary meetings.

Study sessions can be negotiated.  Symptomatic clinics can also be attended at Western Infirmary (Monday p.m.; Thursday a.m.)

This module can provide Level 1 and 2 competencies apart from attendance at a National Breast Screening Centre course and taking part in PERFORMS both of which would require funding.


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 Breast Screening
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 Breast Screening
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Library, Audit & Research

Film libraries of both symptomatic and screening mammography films are held in the library (Level 4).  Up-to-date text books and journals are also retained here, as is a comprehensive library of current reference articles.

The trainee will be encouraged to undertake audit and research and will also be encouraged to present at the National Breast Imaging meetings.

Breast Screening Staff

  • Dr Janet Litherland (Educational Supervisor)
  • Dr Hilary M Dobson (Clinical Director)
  • Dr Carolyn Cordiner (Deputy Clinical Director)
  • Dr Nuala Dawson
  • Dr Helen Griffiths
  • Dr Penny Law
  • Dr Nuala Moss
  • Dr Russell Pickard
  • Dr Laura Wilkinson
  • Dr Archana Seth
  • Dr Catriona Pagliari
  • Dr Gillian MacKay
  • Dr Robert Johnston